Next Bootcamp Starts in...

(June 25th)

Join The 12 Week Moxie Virtual Bootcamp!

Join me and my expert team of personal trainers as we coach you through 12 weeks of focused, individualized exercise and nutrition programming! Look and feel your best, with support from my team and a whole tribe of campers!

Next Bootcamp Starts in...

(June 25th)

Join The 12 Week Moxie Virtual Bootcamp!

Join me and my expert team of personal trainers as we coach you through 12 weeks of focused, individualized exercise and nutrition programming! Look and feel your best, with support from my team and a whole tribe of campers!

“If you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING, but you’re still not getting the results you want, I GET IT. It wasn’t until I aligned my nutrition with my fitness goals that my body started transforming -- and I started seeing REAL RESULTS!

I’ve distilled what I’ve learned into twelve kick-butt weeks of interactive sessions. Moxie Virtual Bootcamp will teach you EXACTLY what you need to know and show you EXACTLY what to do.

It’s time to finally reach your fitness goals and feel CONFIDENT in your own skin!”

"During the last 8 months I've lost 27 inches!"

"I was losing weight AND I wasn't hungry!"

"I have lost A LOT of inches and some weight!"


I know where you’re at. You feel like you’ve tried everything to reach your goals. You feel hopeless because no other fitness program has worked for you so far. Well, guess what? I’VE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES!

Many years ago, I stood exactly where you are today: Stressed out, disappointed, and spinning my wheels with weight loss and nutrition. But then, I figured it out. I learned how to create a healthy lifestyle -- and I know how to help YOU build a lifestyle that will help you smash those fitness goals and maintain your results.

The time’s going to pass anyway -- You can either continue trying to figure it out on your own, or you can join Moxie Virtual Bootcamp and let me teach you how. We’re in this together! I’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.


  • 12-week home-based fat-burning workout plan AND 12-week gym-based fat-burning workout plan
  • CUSTOM programming: Macro and cardio goals tailored to YOUR body!
  • Bi-weekly check-ins from your trainer team, with program tweaks as needed to GUARANTEE you see results
  • Access to our supportive, private Facebook community
  • Extensive Bootcamp Guide Book, ensuring you have the knowledge you need to set yourself up for success
  • Over $5,000 in PRIZES!!!

Custom Macro Programming ($125 Value)

We’ll start with an introductory assessment to tell me about your goals and lifestyle. Using your responses, my team will create a custom program JUST FOR YOU, complete with the EXACT macro targets (for carbs, fat, and protein) your body needs. These macros will be fine-tuned to help you smash your fitness goals and get to the results you’re looking for!

Custom Cardio Programming ($125 Value)

The cardio that works for you might not be what works for me -- everyone’s cardio needs are different! Building off of the info in your introductory assessment, my team will create a custom cardio program (including what exercises you should be doing, how often, and for how long) tailored to YOUR body and YOUR goals. No more wasting hours on the treadmill! We’ll find the cardio schedule that’s right for YOU.

GYM/Home Strength Workouts ($150 Value)

Through Moxie Virtual Bootcamp, you’ll receive a full 12-week home workout plan AND a full 12-week gym workout plan. Get your workouts in, burn fat, and feel great wherever life may take you!

BI-Weekly Check-Ins ($200 Value)

Every other week, you’ll get a link sent right to your email where you’ll enter your weight, measurements, and photos. You’ll also answer a few questions about how you’re doing and feeling. Based on your answers, my team will get in touch to make adjustments to your program, cheer on your progress, and make sure you’re staying on track, feeling motivated, and having FUN!

Challenges & Prizes! ($5000 In Prizes)

Gift cards, free entry to future bootcamps, and free products -- ooh la la! We’ll be giving away all these and more throughout the bootcamp session to help you have fun and stay motivated. Plus, there will be three grand prize winners at the end of bootcamp, who will each receive a $500 activewear gift card and free entry into the next round of bootcamp! Check back weekly -- we’re constantly adding new prizes and challenges!

Private Facebook Group ($100 Value)

Stay motivated and connected with the help of this INCREDIBLE online community. In our private bootcamp Facebook group, you’ll build relationships, get ideas, and feel constantly supported by a wonderful network of fitness aficionados. I’m personally in this group EVERY SINGLE DAY, answering your questions and hanging out! Join the party!

Folks, that’s a $700.00 value that I’m giving to you for just… $597 $375!

SERIOUSLY!!! Click the link below to get first dibs at the next bootcamp session!


Does this actually include coaching?

Yes! You will check in every other week and we will tweak your programming as needed to help you keep seeing results

I struggle to stay on track with fitness and nutrition programs. How will this help me?

The accountability factor I offer is HUGE! Your check-ins will help you stay on track, and so will the fun and motivating bonuses, like the habit tracker and weekly challenges! Also, you’ll want to be active in the private Facebook community! There is so much support there!

What if I can't go to the gym?

No big deal! You get a full gym workout plan AND a full home workout plan!

I have no idea how to track macros. How will I be successful?

I give you tons of education on how to track macros in your guidebook! The FB community is also full of people ready to help you! I am in there daily as well!

I'm traveling during Bootcamp. Should I wait until another time?

No way! It’s best just to start. People always travel during Bootcamp! We will help you figure out a perfect strategy for your vacation where you won't set yourself back, but still have an amazing time!

It’s a little pricey, will it be worth it?

Investing in yourself is ALWAYS worth it. And, when you consider we give out $5,000 in prizes, and all the other pieces of the Bootcamp it adds up to be over $700, and we've lowered the price to $375 for 12 Full Weeks of support!

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