Menopause isn't holding Annie back anymore!!

Annie defied menopause myths, transformed her body and mindset, and achieved a remarkable 17lb weight loss and 25 inches gone.

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Meet Annie, a determined woman who once attributed her lack of progress to menopause. However, she experienced a significant realization. Annie recognized that hormones were only a small factor in her overall journey.

Prepare for some exciting discoveries Annie made during her transformative Moxie experience:

🙅🏻 It wasn't menopause hindering her progress; it was her counterproductive habits.

🍽️ She learned the negative effects of under-eating followed by indulgence binges.

🏋️ It turns out her exercise routine was also counterproductive. Trying to incorporate strength training, HIIT, and cardio all at once was holding her back.

And here's an interesting twist—Annie firmly believed that a nightly glass of wine was essential for relaxation. Well, let's raise a toast to that! 🍷

But Annie's story doesn't end there. With the unwavering guidance of Moxie Coach Summer, she transformed her habits and unleashed her inner rockstar.

Here's the incredible results Annie achieved:



Annie lost 17lbs and more than 25 inches. She now spends less time at the gym but still feels confident. Additionally, Annie enjoys her favorite treats on a daily basis and indulges in delicious wine 1-2 times a week. Menopause is no longer a concern for her as she breaks free and creates a new narrative.

If you're interested in unleashing your own inner rockstar and achieving results regardless of your age, our dedicated team is here to support you. Just like Annie, you'll discover sustainable habits that will empower you to thrive.

As Annie describes it, "This journey has been truly eye-opening! I've tried various programs in the past, but they lacked sustainability. The habits I'm developing now are the real deal—they are sustainable, and I genuinely feel like I'm making long-lasting lifestyle changes even beyond the coaching period."

Are you ready to shake things up and embark on your personal journey? Join us, and together we can make amazing things happen!


Let's crush your goals and create your own story.