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Moxie Elite Online Personal Training

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Moxie Elite Online Personal Training for Women

Want to shed those extra pounds and rediscover the confident, incredible you? Moxie Elite is your long-sought answer: online personal training for women. Get all the tools you need to bring out your best self. Break free from generic routines. Enjoy personalized workouts designed to fit YOUR lifestyle.

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Why choose Moxie?

Just a few of the many reasons thousands of women are choosing Moxie to reach their health goals.


Personalized Training

Your journey, your way – workouts tailored to your progress.


Certified Trainers

Expert Moxie coaches invested in your goals and success.


Lifestyle Flexibility

Fit your workouts into your schedule, whether at home or the gym.


Customized Workouts

Plans that grow with your fitness journey and reflect your goals.


Nutritional Guidance

Holistic support for a balanced, healthy lifestyle.


Progress Tracking

Watch your goals and achievements unfold and stay motivated.


Upgrade your fitness journey with 1-on-1 online fitness coaching for women

At Moxie, we get it – life is hectic, and finding time for fitness can be a challenge. Our online personal training for women brings convenience, personalized plans, and expert guidance to your fingertips.

Lindsey's programs are crafted to cater specifically to women, ensuring a fitness journey that aligns with your goals and fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

Crush your fitness journey with Trainer Lindsey πŸ’ͺ

Your Personal Coach

Step into a personalized journey with a Moxie female fitness coach - your fitness ally through every high and low. We're not just guides; we're partners in your triumph!

Moxie Nutrition Program

No more food confusion! Dive into a custom macro and nutrition program, erasing uncertainty and providing a clear path to fuel your journey to success.

Tailored Workouts for Women

Break free from generic routines. Enjoy personalized online workouts for women designed to fit YOUR lifestyle - whether it's in the gym, at home, or wherever you conquer your fitness goals. We will literally hand over the flexibility band to you.

Weekly Face-to-Face Check-Ins

Stay on the winning track with weekly virtual check-ins. Your coach will celebrate your victories, track your progress, and keep you locked in on your journey to greatness. Whether you are looking for a Monday motivation or permission for a cheat day, ping your coach anytime, any day!


Get 11+ exclusive features tailored to you with Moxie Elite online personal training

Custom Sample Meal Plan


Your food, your way! Receive a personalized one-day meal plan based on what you love. No more guessing – this plan is all about smashing goals while savoring delicious bites. Get ready to make nutrition an enjoyable part of your fitness success story!

Custom Workout Programming


Workouts that match your vibe! Whether you're a gym enthusiast or love the comfort of home workouts, your program is designed to fit like a glove. Your fitness, your rules – let's crush those goals together!

Video Messaging & Daily In-App Chats


Get ready for a personal touch! Video chat with your coach via the Marco Polo App and experience daily in-app messaging. Your coach is not just there – they're proactive, reaching out to keep you on track and motivated throughout the week.

Daily Tapered Accountability Plan


Because victories are better when shared! Enjoy daily check-ins and communication during the crucial first week and beyond. Your fitness coach becomes your accountability partner, making your fitness journey fun, productive, and downright empowering.

Coaching Calls with Trainer Lindsey


Join the monthly hype! Group coaching calls with the incredible Lindsey herself. It's your chance to get personalized guidance, have your burning questions answered, and soak in the support of a community cheering on your success. Get ready for fitness wisdom straight from the expert.

$200 Welcome Gift


Happy mail alert! When you sign up for Elite Coaching, get ready for a welcome gift worth over $200. It's our way of saying, "You're special, and so is your fitness journey!" Unbox the excitement, and let's set you up for success.

Printed Planner & Habit Tracker


Get organized with a printed planner and habit tracker sent straight to your door. For the list-lovers and goal-crushers, this tangible tool celebrates every step of your journey. Cross off those achievements and own your progress.

Client success stories

At Moxie by Lindsey, our true success stories are the transformations our clients achieve. Let their journeys inspire yours πŸ‘‡


"From fitness enthusiast to nutrition advocate, Trainer Lindsey empowered me to regain confidence and self-discovery."

Elite Coaching
Weight Loss & Nutrition


Annie defied menopause myths, transformed her body and mindset, and achieved a remarkable 17lb weight loss and 25 inches gone.

Elite Coaching
Weight Loss


Sarah's remarkable 35lb weight loss journey breaks free from strict meal plans, embracing sustainable habits for delicious results. πŸŽ‰

Elite Coaching
Weight Loss

"Crying in a crowded gym..."

Hi guys πŸ‘‹ Trainer Lindsey here! It wasn't that long ago that I found myself crying to a friend in the middle of a crowded gym 😭 (I can only now imagine the side-eyes I must have been receiving.)

I was so frustrated and fed up with not feeling comfortable in my own body πŸ˜– I thought I was doing everything in my power to reach my goals, yet there I was... eyes full of fears. Rock bottom.

However, I made a choice in that moment. I chose to use that rock bottom as a springboard from which I would start building my career in health and fitness. The rest is history.

I started Moxie to bring the clarity and fulfillment I received through years of dedicated restless research and training to women all over the world. No one deserves to cry in a crowded gym! Click that button below and let's start your journey together 🀝

Your success story is waiting to be written!

4 steps to start your Moxie Elite journey is just 24 hours

Moxie Elite Coaching celebrates your uniqueness with a tailored approach. Submit an application, enjoy a 20-minute consultation call, share preferences in a quick 15-minute assessment, and kickstart your exclusive Moxie program within a day.

With weekly check-ins, video feedback, and a flexible strategy, let's crush your goals together.Β Β Β 

How to join:

Step 1: Submit Application


Tell us about yourself and your goals. Your journey begins with a simple application

Step 2: 20-Minute Consultation Call


In a 20-minute call, we'll get to know you better and discuss how Moxie Elite Coaching aligns with your aspirations. Don’t hold back; share everything you wish to.

Step 3: 15-Minute Assessment Submission


Share a bit more about your preferences and lifestyle. This 15-minute assessment helps us tailor your coaching program.

Step 4: Start Your Moxie Program in 24 Hours


We’ll create an exclusive plan for you so you can dive into your fitness transformation within 24 hours of completing your assessment.

Frequently asked question

How does Moxie Elite online personal training work?

Answer: Moxie Elite's online personal training works similarly to traditional personal training, but it's conducted virtually. Clients are matched with certified trainers who provide customized workout plans, guidance, and support via video calls and messaging. The trainers then track progress, adjust workouts as needed, and offer accountability to help clients reach their fitness goals.

What are the benefits of hiring an online personal trainer?

Answer: Hiring an online personal trainer through Moxie offers convenience, expert guidance, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and personalized attention. You can access tailored workouts from anywhere, save on costs, schedule sessions at your convenience, and receive expert support to achieve your fitness goals.

Is online personal training suitable for beginners?

Answer: Absolutely, online personal training can be suitable for beginners. We understand the importance of catering to all fitness levels, including beginners. Our certified trainers are adept at customizing programs to accommodate various starting points, ensuring proper form and gradual progression as clients develop.

How is online training better than in-person training?

Answer: Our Moxie Elite program leverages the convenience and flexibility of online training, removing barriers like travel time and rigid scheduling. With access to expert guidance regardless of location, clients can enjoy a seamless fitness experience from the comfort of their own space.

How soon will I see results with a personal trainer?

Answer: The timeline to see results with a personal trainer varies depending on factors such as your starting point, goals, consistency, and adherence to the program. Typically, noticeable strength, endurance, and overall fitness improvements can be seen within a few weeks to a few months. Our team of dedicated trainers puts in effort to create personalized programs, where clients typically notice improvements within a few weeks to months.

How do I choose an online fitness coach?

Answer: Choosing an online fitness coach involves considering several factors. We recommend selecting a coach aligned with your goals and preferences. Our Moxie Elite trainers are qualified professionals with diverse expertise, offering tailored guidance and support to help you achieve your fitness objectives.

Can online personal training help women with prenatal or postnatal fitness?

Answer: Yes, our Moxie Elite trainers are equipped to assist women during prenatal and postnatal phases with safe and effective workout plans tailored to their specific needs. This also addresses concerns like strength, flexibility, and pelvic floor health. With proper guidance, women can safely maintain or improve their fitness levels during these phases of life.

Can online personal training help with women-specific health concerns such as menopause or osteoporosis?

Answer: Absolutely! Our Moxie Elite program includes comprehensive nutritional guidance to complement your fitness journey, ensuring a holistic approach to achieving your goals.

Will online personal training include nutritional guidance?

Answer: Yes, within the Moxie Elite program, we offer comprehensive nutritional guidance as an integral component of our online personal training services. Our certified trainers not only focus on designing effective workout programs but also provide expert advice on healthy eating habits, meal planning, and dietary strategies tailored to your fitness goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve overall health, our trainers are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring a holistic approach to achieving your desired results.

What makes Moxie Elite's nutrition program unique compared to other online training platforms for women?

Answer: With Moxie Elite's nutrition program, we tailor it specifically to a woman's unique dietary needs and fitness goals. It focuses on personalized meal plans that are flexible and sustainable, taking into account individual preferences, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle. The program also emphasizes education, helping women understand the importance of nutrition in achieving their fitness objectives. This holistic and personalized approach sets our Moxie Elite program apart from others.

Is Moxie Elite suitable for beginners or only for experienced women fitness enthusiasts?

Answer: Absolutely, our Moxie Elite program is suitable for women of all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. The programs are customized to match the individual's starting point, ensuring that beginners receive the guidance and support they need, while experienced women can take on more advanced challenges. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can benefit from Moxie Elite's training, regardless of their fitness background.

How often do I have check-ins with my personal coach, and what do they entail?

Answer: The check-ins with your personal coach typically involve ongoing communication throughout the week., though the frequency can be adjusted based on your needs and preferences. Β These check-ins involve reviewing your progress, discussing any challenges or concerns, and making necessary adjustments to your training and nutrition plans. The coach provides feedback, motivation, and support to ensure you stay on track and continue progressing towards your goals.

Is Moxie Elite's online personal training for women exclusively designed for specific fitness goals or can it accommodate various objectives?

Answer: Our Moxie Elite program for online personal training can accommodate various fitness goals. Whether you aim to lose weight, build muscle, improve endurance, enhance flexibility, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, the programs are adaptable to meet diverse objectives. The personalized nature of the training ensures that your specific goals are addressed, and the plans are tailored to help you achieve them efficiently and effectively.


Let's start crushing your goals together.