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Break the trend of dieting and bland food! Indulge in delectable macro recipes that go
perfectly with your 30-day program!

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Sculpt Your Body With Precision Macros And Achieve Your Diet Goals

In your journey to lose weight, you cannot just count the calories; you need to nourish your body with the right amount of carbs, proteins and fats. Call it a customized macro-diet if you will!And now, the foodie in you does not have to suffer the pangs of restricted food intake, well, at least not with Simply Macros Cookbooks.

Introducing Our Macro-Friendly Cookbook Collection: A Culinary Journey to Weight Loss

Get your desired waistline while savoring the flavors! Intrigued? Here’s our curated collection of delicious recipes that are high in flavors and low on unwanted carbs. Simply Macros First Edition is Moxie’s OG Cookbook, filled with appetizing recipes that are full of macros goodness.

And when you have mastered the recipes from the first one, go ahead and indulge in more delectable recipes with the Simply Macros Second Edition. This one’s a result of popular demand! So, fix yourself a balanced plate of micro-nutritious food without overspending on exotic ingredients.

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The perfect companion to your 30-Day program! Put an end to useless diet recipes & start enjoying the foods you love while getting in better shape.

Simply Macros First Edition

$ 35.00 USD

The OG Moxie Cookbook. The perfect companion to your 30-day program! Put an end to useless diet recipes & start enjoying the foods you love while getting in better shape. ps: you can bundle both editions together on either option. You can bundle both editions together on either option.

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Simply Macros Second Edition

$ 35.00 USD

The highly rated and anticipated sequel of Simply Macros is here! The perfect companion to your 30-day program! Put an end to useless diet recipes & start enjoying the foods you love while getting in better shape. You can bundle both editions together on either option.

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Why Simply Macros?

The aim is to make your weight-loss journey succulent! That’s it! No more, no less! Getting your desired body doesn’t have to be at the cost of giving up your favorite food. With our carefully curated recipes, you can indulge in a gourmet 7 course meal without having to worry about calories.

A Flavorful Fitness Odyssey: 57 Recipes to Hit Your Diet Goals


57 easy-to-make, easy-to-bake macro meal recipes.


Discover tips, tricks and secret sauces for easy cooking in half the prep-time


Recipes that are kids-approved and feast for the family.


No-fuss ingredients that tickle the taste buds

Embrace your food side 😋

We have included recipes that will make your dieting food smell gourmet. Whether you want a quick chicken meal or beef for lunch, we have you covered. And for your occasional treats and snacks, you will find piquant flavors along the way.


Know what you eat 🤔

Get rid of the guesswork! Our cookbooks have every macronutrient listed with each recipe!

✅ Want to count the calories? We got you covered!

✅ Want to know the fat content? No problem!

Needing to up your protein intake? Leave it to us!

For every dieting need, there's a healthy and savory solution!


Effortless Macro Tracking 🧘

Our Macro-friendly Cookbooks are designed to help you every step of the way, and yes, that includes tracking your everyday macros intake!

The macro recipes you cook from the books are already logged into the ‘My Fitness Pal’ that seamlessly tracks your macros and makes the data available to you even for your 2 a.m. cravings. 

Amanda Moxie Coach

Get Your Hands on the Simply Macros Cookbooks in 3 Simple Steps!

1️⃣ Choose the First or the Second Edition of Simply Macros and Click on “Learn More”

2️⃣ Select the version you want to purchase, whether print or print & digital

3️⃣ Proceed to checkout with your details

And there you have it, the complete access to all 57 recipes. 

Go ahead, let your eyes and tummy feast!

Free recipe to tickle your tastebuds 😋

Try this irresistible recipe: Chicken Sausage & Ravioli Bowl!

Sometimes you need a quick throw-together-dinner. Ravioli has a good amount of protein. Add in some chicken sausage and a yummy marinara and you’ve got a delicious protein-packed meal.

Frequently asked question

Do Moxie’s macros recipes have the macros listed?

Yes, Moxie’s macros recipes have the macros listed. Every recipe includes carbohydrates, fats and proteins properly listed and they are already logged in My Fitness Pal for you to track your everyday macros easily.

Why is it important to track my macros intake in order to lose weight?

In order to lose weight, you cannot simply rely on calorie deficit techniques. Your body needs balanced macros—proteins, fats and carbohydrates, to ensure that you lose weight while maintaining a healthy body. For example, you will need protein to ensure that your body continues to heal and repair itself.

This means that protein is a macronutrient that you cannot entirely omit. But what you can do is create a meal plan that includes protein and other macronutrients in a strict quantity so that you can maintain a healthy body yet continue to lose weight. Hence, it is important to track your macros to ensure that your body gets the right macros in the right quantities. 

Are there any recipes with cheese and chicken in Moxie’s Simply Macros Cookbooks?

Yes, you will find plenty of recipes that include cheese and chicken in the ingredients. In fact, I have shared a recipe for buffalo chicken mac with cheese that is rich in flavors and low on calories. Here, check it out: Try This Irresistible Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Mac - Cheesy Goodness to Satisfy Your Cravings!

Can Moxie’s recipes be tailored to my 30-day fitness program?

You can adapt the recipes listed in the cookbooks as per your preference. You can add/remove ingredients and decrease their quantities as per your 30-day fitness program. The goal is to give you a diet plan that is delicious so you look forward to working out without having to forego your favorites.

Can I order Moxie’s Simply Macros both editions in a combo package?

Yes, you can order Moxie’s Simply Macros editions one and two from Moxie by Lindsey’s website. Simply go to the Cookbooks section and select the edition you want. Then, use the drop-down menu to choose the version ‘First and Second Editions Digital Only Bundle’, or you can also get both of them in printed versions. All the options are available for your convenience.

Are Moxie’s macros recipes meant for beginners?

Moxie’s macros recipes are designed specifically for beginners and busy moms as they are easy to make and quick to prep. These recipes include ingredients and substitutions that you will easily find in your pantry or the grocery store. Just a few chops and slices and some saute and bake will do the trick, you’ll see. Say goodbye to fancy, exotic ingredients that need pre-planning and pre-ordering. 

Can I use Moxie’s recipes for creating meals for my family and kids?

Moxie’s recipes are loved by women majorly because they are delicious, easy to make and universally loved. They can be created for the entire family and are kids-approved. This removes the worries of creating separate meals for yourself and your family. Simply follow the recipes and witness your family asking for seconds. 

Are Moxie's macros recipes actually designed to help us lose weight without having to eat bland food?

Absolutely! Moxie by Lindsey's macros cookbooks have recipes created specifically to make dieting flavorful. The recipes include popular proteins such as eggs, chicken, beef, cheese, sauces, etc. These recipes are also low on processed food and added sugars, so you can lose weight while enjoying every morsel.


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