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Moxie Coach, wife, mom, and ex-pro bodybuilder turned wellness expert. She's all about fitness, positivity, and helping you shine inside out!


Katie has spent the last 10 years of her life committed to health and fitness. She’s a wife, mom of two human kiddos and two furbabies. Over the past 5 years she has coached women to transform their eating patterned behaviors and build a positive self-image. Her approach to weight loss focuses on behavior modification, positive habits and helping her clients find their self-confidence.  Her goal is to not only help clients reach their physical weight loss goals but to lose Body Fat!  She teaches clients how to improve the quality of their life through understanding choices around a balanced diet, fit for their goals, that is full of variety and nutrient dense foods. She is a firm believer in science and evidence-based nutrition!

Katie’s love for fitness brought her to bodybuilding and she started competing in the NPC/IFBB bodybuilding federation, where she reached IFBB Professional Bikini Status in 2018 and continued to compete in the professional league, until recently retiring due to an injury. During this time as a bodybuilder, she gained expert level knowledge of macro counting and weight loss techniques. In her retirement she has found a passion for learning and is currently back in school finishing her major in nutrition/dietetics and is aiming to enroll in her Master’s degree to become a Registered Dietician. She loves combining her knowledge in weight loss and fitness with her passion for nutrition and functional foods.

As a personal trainer, weight loss coach, Pro Bodybuilder and Nutrition/Dietician Student she has experience working with a variety of people, both socially, culturally and all varieties of dieting history. She understands the social pressures and family pressure that come with lifestyle changes and can help you navigate these tricky situations. She understands that change is hard, saying no is hard, but having her as an advocate and coach to walk you through this new journey is the key to making it all happen!

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