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Finally, the answer you've been looking for! Moxie Elite will help you reach your fitness goals and give you the tools you need to lose weight once and for all.

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What's included

Just a few of the many key features you'll receive when you join Moxie Elite!

Personal Coach

Work 1-on-1 with a Moxie Coach who will be there to guide you through every step of your journey!

Nutrition Program

Erase the uncertainty of what to eat and how much through your custom macro and nutrition program.

Workout Program

Custom workouts to fit your lifestyle! In the gym, your living room, or wherever works best for your situation.

Weekly Check-Ins

Meet face-to-face virtually with your coach every week to track progress and stay accountable.

"Crying in a crowded gym..."

Hi guys 👋 Trainer Lindsey here! It wasn't that long ago that I found myself crying to a friend in the middle of a crowded gym 😭 (I can only now imagine the side-eyes I must have been receiving.)

I was so frustrated and fed up with not feeling comfortable in my own body 😖 I thought I was doing everything in my power to reach my goals, yet there I was... eyes full of tears. Rock bottom.

However, I made a choice in that moment. I chose to use that rock bottom as a springboard from which I would start building my career in health and fitness. The rest is history.

I started Moxie to bring the clarity and fulfillment I received through years of dedicated restless research and training to women all over the world. No one deserves to cry in a crowded gym! Click that button below and let's start your journey together 🤝


"From fitness enthusiast to nutrition advocate, Trainer Lindsey empowered me to regain confidence and self-discovery."

Elite Coaching
Weight Loss & Nutrition


Annie defied menopause myths, transformed her body and mindset, and achieved a remarkable 17lb weight loss and 25 inches gone.

Elite Coaching
Weight Loss


Sarah's remarkable 35lb weight loss journey breaks free from strict meal plans, embracing sustainable habits for delicious results. 🎉

Elite Coaching
Weight Loss

Why Moxie Elite?

With Elite Coaching, we celebrate your uniqueness 🎉 Our individualized coaching considers your lifestyle, preferences, and personal relationship with health and fitness.

With weekly check-ins, video feedback, and a customized and flexible approach, we'll crush your goals together and set you on the path to success!

How to join:

Submit application
2 min.
Consultation call
20 min.
Submit assessment
15 min.
Start program
24 hrs.

What our clients say

"It has been such a fun journey! The coaches and Lindsey have always been there to support me in my journey, cheering me on when things aren't going well."

"Elite is the reason I became healthy and love lifting weights! My coach is so informative and always answers my questions. She truly goes above and beyond!"

"Lindsey is one of the most relatable trainers! Down to earth and super sweet. My coach is very knowledgable in all aspects related to fitness for women and health. Recommend 10/10"

Elite Features

Custom Macro Plan


With macros and nutrition plans, it's important that you have a custom, tailored approach so that you can attain your goals according to your body type, personal preferences, and lifestyle habits. Receive custom macro programming updated at weekly check-ins as needed.

Macro Tracking Education


Learning to track your macros and plan your own food is a life-changing and empowering experience! You will have access to Lindsey's 7-day Macros Made Easy video course as well as supplemental material to help you learn to track your macros in just a week!

Gym or Home Workout Programs


Whether you're wanting to lose weight, build muscle, or simply maintain your current physique, it's essential to follow a workout program that is designed specifically to help you reach those goals!  All workouts will be in our client-only app!

These programs are properly periodized through a 6-week period to allow your body to get stronger and see the most progress possible.

Coaching Check-Ins


You're never alone during your fitness journey! Not only do you have 24/7 access to your coach via Marco Pollo and in-app messaging, but you'll have weekly check-ins with your coach to assess your progress and adjust any aspects of your training as needed.

Coach Communication


Having a coach by your side can make or break your chances of success! Having a coach to answer your questions, coach you through your roadblocks, or even challenge your thinking when needed can ensure that you see results! Your open lines of communication with your coach are 7 days a week.

24/7 In-App Messaging


Communicate directly with your coach through our mobile app or email! Your coach will have access to your messages throughout every day of the week - reach them anytime*

Your coach will usually respond to your messages within a few hours, mostly a lot sooner!

Custom Sample Meal Plan


Receive a custom one-day sample meal plan based on the foods you choose in your assessment to help you crush your goals and make hitting your macros an easy process.  This is helpful to follow as you're learning to track your macros and plan your own food.

Custom Workout Programming


All of your workouts are customized and tailored to your experience, goals, and fitness level! Whether you prefer to work out at a gym or in the comfort of your own home, your programming will be tailored to your preferences.

Video Messaging


Video chat directly with your coach through the Marco Polo App! That's why in the Elite program, your coach will be there to proactively reach out to you to help keep you on track and motivated.

Daily in-app messaging and video chatting help build a personal relationship with your coach! Your coach will be right there to talk you through your meal plans, workouts, and any other topics that arise during the week.

Daily Tapered Accountability Plan


It's never fun (or easy!) to try and do stuff all on your own... It's always more productive when you have someone in your corner to help you crush your goals! That's why you will have daily check-ins and communication with your coach the very first week and continued ongoing communication during those crucial first few weeks as you're creating new habits and lifestyle changes.

Coaching Calls with Trainer Lindsey


Monthly group coaching calls with Lindsey, where she can answer your questions, coach you through roadblocks, and stay in your corner!

Special Welcome Gift


We all love surprises and happy mail!  When you sign up for our Elite Coaching, you will get a gift in the mail that will set you up for success worth over $200!

Printed Planner & Habit Tracker


As someone who loves to cross things off a list and stay organized, Lindsey knows how helpful it can be to have something where you can physically write down when you have been on track and reached your goals.  

That's why you'll get a printed planner and habit tracker in the mail when you join Elite!

Let's start crushing your goals together.