"Trust the process, listen to your coach!"

Janet's inspiring transformation: overcoming challenges, achieving success with our coaching program!

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"I couldn't believe how much weight I gained in my mid-50s." 😔

Janet, like many other women in their early 50s, experienced changes in her body, confidence, and energy levels. The combination of stress and isolation led her to turn to food for comfort, earning her the title of a self-proclaimed "stress eater." Janet recalls moments when she would eat excessively, even when not hungry, to the point where she had difficulty breathing. Can you relate?



Janet managed to lose some weight on her own but eventually hit a frustrating plateau. That's when she decided to seek the help of my team. Working with both Coach Janea and Coach Sierra has been a game-changer for her. While she's down 25 pounds on the scale, just take a look at her pictures! It's clear that she's shed more fat and gained muscle as well—a perfect example of body recomposition at its finest!

Janet's advice to others on this journey is simple: "Trust the process, listen to your coach. This program works. Even if progress seems slow, don't give up. I am living proof that this program works!" 🙌


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