Moxie Coach

Meet Jaynee, a Moxie coach who lost 40 lbs through nutrition and exercise. She's passionate about helping others transform their lives too!


Meet Jaynee, a Moxie coach dedicated to transforming lives through the power of nutrition and exercise. As a wife and mother to three vibrant children (plus one incredible daughter-in-law), Jaynee understands the demands of a busy lifestyle and the struggles that often accompany it. She knows what it feels like to try countless methods to shed unwanted weight, only to be met with disappointment time and time again.

Jaynee's journey took a significant turn in 2018 when, at the age of 44, she made a life-changing decision to embark on a personal transformation. It was during this pivotal moment that she began working with Lindsey, a 1:1 coach who guided her towards success. With unwavering determination, Jaynee embraced the knowledge and tools provided to her, which enabled her to shed an incredible 40 pounds.

What made the difference for Jaynee was the implementation of a comprehensive nutrition and exercise program, specifically tailored to her needs. Macro counting became the key that unlocked her past weight-loss failures, leading her towards the achievement of her goals. However, what truly sets Jaynee apart is her unwavering commitment to maintaining her newfound health and well-being. She has successfully kept those 40 pounds off, embodying the principles she learned along her transformative journey.

Jaynee is often approached by individuals seeking to uncover her secret to lasting success. In response, she humbly shares that there is no secret at all. Rather, it's the combination of a well-designed program, unwavering consistency, and the virtue of patience that brought her enduring results. Jaynee's own experience has equipped her with the insight, empathy, and expertise to guide others towards their own transformational journeys.

With a passion to serve and a genuine desire to help others unlock their full potential, Jaynee aspires to empower individuals in discovering how the right nutrition and exercise program can truly change their lives. Her infectious enthusiasm, combined with her knowledge and firsthand experience, make Jaynee an invaluable coach for those who seek not only weight loss but also a holistic and sustainable approach to wellness.

If you're ready to embark on your own transformative journey, Jaynee is here to provide you with the guidance, support, and expertise you need to realize your goals. Together, you can uncover the power within you and unleash your full potential for a healthier, happier life.