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Crush your fitness goals with Moxie by Lindsey 🙌

Moxie by Lindsey’s fitness programs aim to bring out the best version of you while aligning with your fitness goals. Improve your energy ⚡️ mood 🧘 digestion 😋 and sleep 😴 We aim to empower you, ensuring you fall head over heels in love with your life.

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About Moxie by Lindsey

Achieve 2X Results, Regain Your Confidence & Feel Empowered!

At Moxie by Lindsey, we understand that achieving your fitness goals goes beyond shedding pounds. Have you ever felt like you lost a piece of yourself?

It's time to find it again! Easily lose 1-2 pounds of fat per week without spending hours in the gym or eating gross food that you don't like!


Holistic Approach to Coaching

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100% Customized Training Plans


Metabolic Reboot System


1:1 Personalized Coaching

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Tailored Nutrition Plans


Delicious Macros Recipes

Meet Our Team of Moxie Coaches 🤝

Trainer Lindsey

Elevate your fitness experience with our Moxie programs

Moxie Elite Online Personal Training


Our flagship program! Join the elite league of fitness enthusiasts and hit your goals. Moxie Elite is the answer you've been looking for for your fitness breakthrough with a dedicated coach in your corner. Reach your fitness goals faster with custom macros, tailored meal plans, and personalized workouts. Stay on track with weekly check-ins.

30-Day Fitness Programs


Moxie's exclusive 30-day fitness programs—the ultimate journey to sculpting a more confident, stronger version of yourself in just one month! Designed with precision and passion, the trio of programs designed to transform your body, boost confidence, and ignite lasting lifestyle changes.

7-Day Fitness Programs


Ready to kickstart your journey to a healthier, more vibrant you? Dive into the next level of fitness with Moxie's 7-Day Fat Loss Jumpstart! No more fad diets, food shaming, and the fear of failure. It's time to embrace a transformative approach that will propel you towards your goals once and for all.

Simply Macro Cookbooks


The OG Moxie Cookbook is crafted exclusively for those on the 30-day program. Stay on track with macros listed for each recipe, pre-logged in My Fitness Pal for easy tracking. 57 simple, delicious, and time-saving recipes covering beef, chicken, breakfast, treats, and more! No need for separate meals—enjoy family-approved recipes that align with your goals

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Trainer Lindsey

Real Work. Real Results.

At Moxie by Lindsey, we believe in real work and real results. It's time to break free from the cycle of fad diets that promise quick fixes but deliver short-term gains. We focus on creating a plan that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle. This isn't a temporary fix; it's a sustainable approach that ensures lasting results.

Lifetime clients
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Why Choose Moxie For Your Fitness Goals?


Fat Loss in Moxie Style

Experience the magic of shedding 1-2 pounds of fat per week without the usual struggles. Moxie Metabolic Reboot System ensures you achieve your weight loss goals without spending excessive hours in the gym or enduring distasteful meals.


Holistic Well-Being, Simplified

Transform more than just your body—boost your energy, mood, digestion, and sleep effortlessly. Moxie's coaching program goes beyond mere weight loss; it's a holistic approach to well-being. Your journey with Moxie is about enhancing every aspect of your life.


Knowledge and Empowerment

We guide you to understand the complexities of your metabolism, the influence of hormones, and the unique dynamics of your body. We equip you with the knowledge to make informed choices, fostering a sustainable and lifelong relationship with your well-being.


Reach Your Goals Once and for All!

We take pride in the achievements of our community, where real people achieve real results. Experience the joy of a journey that transforms not only your body but your entire perspective on fitness and life.


We Promise and We deliver

Become part of a thriving community that spans over 3,800-lifetime clients, each with a unique success story. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our stellar 4.8-star average client reviews.

What Sets Us Apart?

See what sets Moxie by Lindsey apart from other fitness solutions.



Laser-focused on helping you reach your goals in just 30 days.


Confidence Building

Become the most confident version of yourself.


Online Convenience

Access workouts and your coach anytime, anywhere.



Designed to jumpstart fat loss and create lasting change.

Moxie Client Success Stories ⭐️

Check out some of the amazing success stories of our clients crushing their goals!


Elite Coaching
Weight Loss & Nutrition

"From fitness enthusiast to nutrition advocate, Trainer Lindsey empowered me to regain confidence and self-discovery."


Elite Coaching
Weight Loss

Annie defied menopause myths, transformed her body and mindset, and achieved a remarkable 17lb weight loss and 25 inches gone.


Elite Coaching
Weight Loss

Sarah's remarkable 35lb weight loss journey breaks free from strict meal plans, embracing sustainable habits for delicious results. 🎉


Elite Coaching
Weight Loss

Discover Nicole's incredible transformation with Moxie Elite Coaching - from frustration to success!

3,800+ Lives Revved Up, Yours Is Next in Line

Your fitness goals, our holistic coaching ― let's do this together!

Your Journey, Your Way, Personalized Fitness by Trainer Lindsey ― Sculpting Your Best Version.

Frequently asked question

How long does it take to see results with Moxie by Lindsey's fitness programs?

The timeline for results varies from person to person, but many clients experience noticeable changes within the first few weeks. Consistency and commitment to the program significantly contribute to achieving your fitness goals.

Are Moxie's programs suitable for beginners, or do I need prior fitness experience?

Our programs are designed for individuals of all fitness levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, our coaches tailor the training plans to your current abilities and gradually progress as you advance.

What makes the Moxie Metabolic Reboot System unique, and how does it contribute to fat loss?

The Moxie Metabolic Reboot System is a personalized approach that optimizes your metabolism for efficient fat loss. It focuses on a balanced combination of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments, ensuring sustainable and long-lasting results without extreme measures.

How often do I interact with my dedicated coach in the Moxie Elite program?

Moxie Elite offers weekly check-ins with your dedicated coach. This regular communication ensures your progress is monitored, and any necessary adjustments to your plan can be made promptly, keeping you on track toward your fitness goals. In addition to the weekly check-ins, Moxie Elite members have constant, face-to-face contact with their coach via Marco Polo.

Can I follow the nutrition plans if I have dietary restrictions or preferences?

Absolutely! Our nutrition plans are 100% customized, taking into account your dietary restrictions, preferences, and goals. We believe in creating sustainable and enjoyable meal plans that align with your lifestyle.

What sets Moxie by Lindsey apart from other fitness programs?

Moxie by Lindsey stands out for its holistic approach, focusing not only on physical transformation but also on enhancing overall well-being. We prioritize education, empowerment, and personalized coaching, ensuring you achieve sustainable and lifelong results.

Is the 30-Day Fitness Program suitable for all fitness levels?

Yes, the 30-Day Fitness Programs are designed to accommodate various fitness levels. The programs are adaptable, allowing individuals to progress at their own pace while challenging themselves to achieve optimal results.

I'm a new mom looking to regain my pre-pregnancy fitness level. Are Moxie's programs suitable for postpartum fitness?

Yes, Moxie by Lindsey understands the unique challenges of postpartum fitness. Our coaches can tailor programs to your specific needs, considering postpartum recovery guidelines and gradually progressing to help you regain strength and confidence.

Ready to crush your fitness goals?
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